Thursday, June 2, 2011

30 Days, 30 Dos : Day 1

Day 1 :
This is my classic, daily do. I wash my hair right before bed, air dry it over night, and leave in the morning.

Time investment = 0
Product/Money investment = 0
Can you really blame me for doing this almost every day?

Goodbye monotony! What will tomorrow bring?!


  1. I wish my hair would look that beautiful if i did those things! but mine would look like a bird attacked my hair and left a bunch of unsightly knots in it. I think this is a great idea! and if i didnt have a little i would totally come along side you and participate. I think you should try hot rollers once :)

  2. Kelley you should do the mom version! A hair style for every activity that makes sense for moms. And anyway, I think you would be lovely even if a bird did attack your hair! :)


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