Monday, October 10, 2011

About Autumn

As I may have mentioned before, the summer is my season of preference and great joy. I love the flip flops, the pool, the sunshine, the produce...

This year I have been struggling during the change to autumn. I have been mourning the summer, and a slight dread of winter is tickling my brain stem. However I do believe in rejoicing in what I have, so I am going to fight it with a list of glorious, beautiful, or tasty things about the fall! Will you help me write this list? What else is wonderful about autumn?

    1. Apples.
    I recommend Honeycrisps and a new breed we discovered at the farmers market : Newtown Pippins.
    From GeorgiannaLane

    2. Boots.
    Casual chic! Or formal with edge! That's the glory of boots...there are so many kinds.
    Image from Spell and the Gypsy

    3. Jogging outside.
    Fresh air, cooler temperatures, no humidity.
    Image from

    4. Halloween costumes. 
    Adult dress up? I'm all over it.
    Image from

    5. The heater.
     In the morning the heater is on. I get out of bed, grab breakfast and a blanket, and sit directly atop the floor vent...trapping all the warm air around me. This is my cold weather morning comfort ritual, and I do louve it.
    Image from sleepyfawn

    6. Floppy Sweaters.
     There is nothing as comfy as a floppy warm sweater.
    Maybe not quite this floppy...but still. Image from heavensorchid

    ..... What else friends? :)


    1. how about pumpkin spice lattes. and butternut squash soup? and leaves crunching under your steps. :)


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