Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shamefully Long

It has been....almost 1.5 months since my last post. Consider me ashamed of my blog neglect. I need to find a way to ease the process of images getting from my camera and onto my blog. I'm a digital perfectionist by profession, so maybe I just need to loosen up.

The worst part is...things have been happening around our house! New Christmas gifts have arrived and wall decor is developing. It will all be revealed soon; I pledge it to you!

Until then, feast your eyes on this BEAUTIFUL modern painting from ModernHouseArt. Every now and then I find something that just sticks in my brain; like it's fused to my design subconscious.

For a painting like this, I would be willing to pay $345...if I had it to spare that is. A lot of her art is striking, but this is by far my favorite. Look at the organic colors geometrically confined in an organic pattern! It's magic!



Hey remember that owl trend? O wait, it's still happening.

Owls are :
Sneak attack hunters
Can spin their heads a long way around
Cough-ers of un-digestible dinner pellets

Unlikely characteristics for a design trend, but we've made them incredibly cute and trendy. I even made an owl pattern once. Eventually this print will be on something in our homemade home. Maybe a journal? Any ideas?

Copyright 2010
But now there is a new animal trend on the rise, as equally unlikely, but just as cute when design-ified. Here some clues:
  • Sneaky
  • Clever
  • Hunter of rodents and small critters
  • Nocturnal 
  • Foxy
Got it yet?

It's a fox!! Foxes are on the rise!

Here's some of my new favorite fox designs.

Red Fox Screen Print by Sass&Peril
Fox Print by Ty Wilkins via Poster Cabaret
Sly Fox Door Knocker from Anthropologie
Fox Pillow from A Beautiful Mess
Fox on a Bike Shirt from Dark Cycle Clothing

Just like owls though, proceed with caution! :)
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