Sunday, December 5, 2010

Feeding of the Twenty-Five

Feeding 25 people is not a miracle, especially when it's a potluck and all we're providing is the (22lbs.) turkey. Food wasn't the was!

Every year, on the week before Thanksgiving, our friends in the area and beyond get together for "Friend Thanksgiving". It's a tradition that started about 4 years ago. I must admit, it is one of my favorite meals of the whole year. A giving of thanks with friends.

For 2010, the numbers grew to 25 participants, which meant 25 amazing people at our house for a Thanksgiving feast. I didn't know how on earth that many people could sit or even fit in our little house. BUT, we bought the house for it's open floor plan and put it to the test. By borrowing tables and chairs, we made one long line of tables from the dinning room all the way to the living room wall. Every table surface was covered. The food and drinks took over every inch of kitchen counter space (including the board we put over the sink), and we still had to hide the dessert in the back bedroom until we could clear the dinner foods.
Half of the Feast
turkey is done!
BUT it worked! People were patient and we all had somewhere to sit.

My favorite part of the evening was the growing noise as more and more people arrived. It wasn't long before I had to nearly shout to carry on a conversation. People in groups, chatting it up with big smiles.

A holiday hosting idea : attach a mini-fundraiser to your potluck. People at the Friend Thanksgiving this year could either bring a dish to share, or $5 to give to the Haitian orphans we met last summer (learn more here, here, and here.) Most people were so sweet that they did both!

Moral of the story, it's a major blessing to have enough to survive, enough to share, and enough to give.
Disassembling turkeys
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