Friday, November 23, 2012

Holiday Cards - For the Orphans!

Orphans totally melt me. (You can read about why here and here.)

If something pulls at your mind and emotions, I think it's a sign that you should do something about it. Here is my holiday equation, therefore :

These green or red cards, each in sets of 4, can be purchased on my Pepper&Glow Paper Etsy store. Every single penny of profit from the sale of these cards will go to support four international orphanages.

The front of this card says "hope" in five different languages, each represented the language of the children at the following orphanages. 

Lighthouse Orphanage in Haiti
Bible Fellowship Orphanage in Papua New Guinea
Rainbow Town Orphanage in Liberia
India Gospel League in India

Check em out!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Team Finnick and Team Katniss Shirts Go Live!

November means many things. Thanksgiving celebrations. The final installment of Breaking Dawn. Black Friday. Christmas music (I have a strict no-Christmas music until after Thanksgiving policy). Ribs at the in-laws.

It also marks the 1-year countdown to the next Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire (in which we will finally meet Finnick). It seems a long wait, but anticipation will only add to the experience later. I debated openning up these shirts closer to opening night, but the business woman in me would not hear of it. It's a holiday shopping season NOW, and I don't want to carry hundreds of shirts in inventory over an entire fiscal year...


Especially with this new photography by Chelsea Taylor. She's at the early stages of a photography business, so when she has a linkable site, I'll put the link here.

 A big shout out to my friends and models Jen and Jill!

Without further ado, new Team Finnick and Team Katniss shirts, now purchasable on L-Hop Designs.

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