Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Public Gratitue

Our little Fiona was born May 2nd, and she's huge, lovely, and ponderous. Husband and I have become parents (terror!).

There is much to laugh and sing about, but the flavor of today's post is our wonderful support system. {{ I will lovingly refer to them as "our team."}} In the midst of our big life adjustment into parenthood, we have been loved, provided for, and encouraged by our team to unbelievable capacity.

Photo by Chelsea Caroline Photography
Prove it? OK. During the first five weeks after Fi's birth, I only cooked TWO meals. We had at least one visitor every day (excellent for an extravert bound to home). Our house was clean; I was able to take naps; I didn't run out for emergency nursing pads because our team did it instead. Every other day brought a package or card filled with loving words and gifts.

I can't speak enough to the flexibility, time, money, and care given over the last several weeks. THANK YOU to everyone. Thank you for loving me, CJ, and Fiona that way. You inspire me to contribute in the same way to others. YOU ARE AMAZING.

Photo by Chelsea Caroline Photography

{{Thank you mom, dad, Lori, Jerry, Laura, Annie, Kirsten, Jen, Jenn, Kelsey, Jeff, Amy, Brian, Mike, Amy, Carl, Lily, Katie, Katie, Jeff, Catherine, Dave, Chelsea, Chad, David, Mike, Jenna, Seon-Ho, Ethan, Laura, Mike, Lilli, Nicolette, Phil, Joe, Joe, Marissa, Kelly, Jeff, Mallory, Harper, Bonnie, Charlie, Ashley, Adam, Aaron, Mary, Beth, Sherris}}
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