Crayola® Color Guide

As a creative child, I loved any box of crayons. I loved the colors standing together, each one meaning something, expressing something. They were anything I wanted to draw broken down into it's most basic parts.

As a creative adult, well, it's still the same with color. Those emotional responses to color still exist. We can use the colors in our homes, cooking, and personal style to create a targeted vibe.

So I'm doing another experiment (since 30 Days, 30 Dos I've been trying to figure out what's next). I'm going to find stylish, delicious, and contemporary things for adults in each of the Crayola® Crayon colors in the 64 pack, one at a time. Each color will have home design inspiration, flowers, accessories, gadgets...something to keep it colorful!

Yellow Orange | optimistic and zesty
Wild Strawberry | youthful and surprising
Royal Purple | regal and relaxed
Aquamarine | bright and brisk
Copper | rich and earthy
Sea Green | light and traditional
Dandelion | warm and welcoming
Midnight Blue | deep and mysterious
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