Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Crayola® Color Guide : Aquamarine

Today's Crayola® Color : Aquamarine. It's bright but brisk...It's perhaps the only pastel that could imbue the winter season.

Crayola® claims the personality of this color as : cold, calm, relaxed, and loyal. Though that sounds like a mobster hit man, the color is still a pleasant one in my mind. A delicious, icy color. Aquamarine can also pair with everything...black, grey, gold, hot red, yellow...

1. Blue Foyer from HouseBeautiful.com
2. Oilo Aqua Large Cylinder Light from PolkadotPeacock
3. Jade Blossom Lei from Sweet Blossoms Hawaii. Aren't they stunningly strange?!
4. Mariposa candle holders from Zgallerie.com
5. Ceramic Door Knob from Anthropologie
6. Hello Sign from WilliamDohman
7. Lotus Flower Plaque and Chrysanthemum Flower Plaque from Zgallerie.com
8. Blue Mojito from cocktailtimes.com
9. Awesome Slide Stripe Skinny Tie from ties.com


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