Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hello Bedroom

I'd like to introduce you to our "master" bedroom.

Husband and I searched for our house for eight months. We were ready to buy at any point during that time, and practically every weekend we were in and out of potential homes. Apparently we were very picky, much to our realtor's chagrin. Finally, 90 days before the tax credit deadline passed, we walked into our current home for the first time. We wrote an offer the next morning.

For our budget and family, our house is practically perfect. The only real point of concern moving forward was a question. Would our new king-sized bed fit into our very modestly-sized new master bedroom?

The answer? Yes....ish. Take a look...

You can see the room is sweet and cozy. So cozy that currently husband's clothing and dresser are in the office, but we have plans! And last weekend, I finally put one of them into play. That blank wall that needs love was given some attention. First though, let me point out some quirks of the room, so you can understand our predicament.

The room's one and only heating and cooling vent is on the south side of the room, about 5 inches from the wall. Therefore our ideal configuration is impossible. We can't move the head of the bed to this wall without creating incredibly uncomfortable sleeping conditions (aka, covering the vent).

There is no ceiling light in the room, and this outlet is the only one wired to the light switch at the hallway door. Notice it is right in the middle of the wall and our walking space. For now we have to choose between maneuvering around a standing light each time we pass, or trailing an extension cord across the bathroom doorway. Quirky.

PS. Our entire interior was this color of butter when we moved in. We've painted things a soft white, but left the wall behind the bed because we have other grand plans for it. 

Now that you've met the master bedroom, I'll show you our first project.

I'm a little bit, eh, clutter-y at times. I have no problem "storing" my clothes on the floor for awhile. Though I appreciate the laundry-saving aspects and the simplicity of knowing where my clothes are, I also understand this is a habit worth breaking. I needed to meet myself halfway. Hooks on the wall for hanging my clothes between washings seemed a good solution.

Hobby Lobby often has 50% Off sales on their home decor. I happened to be in when their hooks, hardware, and knobs were 50% Off. I scooped up my favorite shapes for a grand total of about $8, but when I brought them home to the bedroom, the diverse colors and dark iron look of many of them gave me pause.

Why not paint them! After a spray can coat of white base, I brushed on our actual wall paint color.  The coverage isn't perfect, but at a glance they blend nicely.

Now that wall has some spice and my clothes have a purposeful and decorative place to hang out.

The floor will be so jealous!




  1. I found your blog via Jordan from Redesignation, and I think this post might be the one that makes me an avid reader! I am totally the girl that "stores" her clothes on the floor, and this is SUCH a great idea to solve that. My hubby hates that I do that, so I'm going to show him this idea very soon. Thanks for sharing your creativity!


  2. Hello Rachel! So happy you found us :) My husband also was a huge motivator in figuring a better place for my clothes. He's been pleased with the result so I just have to remember to make it my habit! Thanks for the comment and hope to see you again soon!


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