Friday, September 9, 2011

Something Intricate for Friday

Everyone pause for a moment and imagine Katy Perry in your office singing TGIF TGIF TGIF.

Done? Excited for the weekend yet?

As I've mentioned in our About Us page, Husband is an art teacher.  Why did he become an art teacher? Cause he's good at art. Really good. I haven't posted his work yet because his projects are intricate, realistic, and take a long time.

But glory day! He wrapped up a series just this week. Awesome, yes?

More of his work is here. Go Husband!

Okay so the wrap up for the week is as follows :

An Ice Cream Taste Testing Party with downloadable scorecards.

Wanderlust Wednesday in Fenghuang, China.

A new Keeping it Colorful in Royal Purple.

I am on the hunt for new small businesses to feature.

Everyone have an intricate weekend! ...Whatever that means. :)


  1. Is that first one with popcorn? Those are some awesome pictures! Way to go hubs!

  2. That guy is all kinds of talented. Really impressed.


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