Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ice Cream Taste Testing Party

Have you ever stood in front of the ice cream isle? Have you ever been paralyzed wondering which of the six brands of cookies n' cream is the tastiest? Is the extra $2 per 1/2 gallon worth spending for the taste you want? Maybe some of you are brand loyal to ice cream, but I am always torn at purchase time.

I prescribe to the theory that, when one splurges (financially or dietarily) on ice cream, it should be good ice cream.

We had our big small group kick off last week, and we decided figure this all out. With three brands each of two flavors, lots of Dixie cups, and some informal market research, we threw an Ice Cream Taste Testing Party! Not only did we get to eat a lot of ice cream, but we got to eat six different kinds of ice cream!

Every brand was assigned a letter. After tasting each, all 16 of us ranked them on these scorecards I threw together.

(I've opened the easy, printable cards for PDF download here.)

Curious about the winners?
In the Mint Chocolate Chip category: Homemade brand won by 7 points.

In the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough category: Guess what! Also Homemade brand. However this time it won by only TWO points. Kroger Private Selection brand was a close second.

Mmmm. Guess who got all the leftovers? It was me. 

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