About MHHM

Hey friend, thank you for being on our blog! 

Here's the quick explanation of MHHM:

Husband is a high school art teacher. I am a graphic designer. We are passionate about adventures and color...and food. 

We've got plenty of ideas and goals, but the lifestyle of any newly married, young couple. Our budget needs to wisely stretch over travel, decorating, socializing, charities...so we are going homemade! 

MHHM is a record of decorating and renovating our first home, of memorable experiences, beautiful things we crave, recipes we make up... 

We started MHHM to keep our family informed of our life away from them (and remember our recipes), but it's turned in to a fun way to interact.

Contact Us any time at : makinghomehomemade@gmail.com

We really are glad you're here!

Love, Lis and Ceej

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