Wednesday, October 29, 2008

retro flashback

you're welcome, for us being such a lovely family/contribution to society.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

happiness in hobbit hollow

So K and I had quite an experience this weekend "on location" at the Wheeler's (sweetest family ever). They live on this plot of land that is every photographer's dream, fully equipped with many of my favorite things; lakes, barns, gazebos, old beat-up trucks, play houses, tire swings, and (most importantly) baby goats. I was like a little kid, frolicking along the paths and amongst the goats, getting in the way of pictures being taken and voicing useless thoughts about how much I wish I had been lucky enough to grow up in a hobbit wonderland.

In spite of me, Kirsten was able to capture amazing shots of the Wheelers. Here for your viewing pleasure are just a handful of highlights...

love it! Off they walk into the happy distance.

Friday, October 17, 2008

click it or ticket

So, the firstborn has been hard at work updating/designing/adding content to The Official Crandalllight Website. We've added bios, photos, contact info- and more is to come! You should definitely take a browse, if only to experience the fadey candle-flicker effect when the page opens. Can I say my sister is a genius? I can and I have.

See what I mean.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pick Your Poison

The time has come to unveil the concept images for our latest venture, which combines our skeelz, as well as our reverent love for the Twilight series. No, we are not thirteen, and no, we are not ashamed. We know that everyone and their grandmother is making Twilight shirts in time for the movie, but ours are the best, fo sho.
and we offer more choices than the average twilight tee--one for the Mike lovers!

Cause I say, what about poor Mike!? He never stood a chance, what with no mythical powers of transformation or blood sucking to his name. Thus, we have also created a Team Mike tee for everyone to wear in support of Mike's valiant efforts and overall goodness. (Which, I realize, I may be the only one rockin' that tee on opening night...solidarity!)

So these are sort of the prototype images, to give you an idea: we're planning to put these screens on "vintage" tees (gray for Ed's, red for Jake's, blue for mikey-mike's) and have them available to order for like $12-$15. (It pays to have a Lisa with direct access to a screenprinter...or whatever those machines are called?)

Let us know if you want one! We'll hook you up. (especially if you want a Team Mike- show the poor guy some love.)

We'll have more info on the shirts and how to order in just a little while!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall Photos

Kirsten has her work cut out for her these next couple weeks, with fall photo shoots of seniors and family portraits. But its exciting, there is no better backdrop for pretty people than changing leaves! Delight.

She shot some of Lauren this weekend, here's a couple of my favorites from their shoot....

And lets not forget the mini-shoot of my precious baby Moses...he loves the camera. I was thinking, could there be a market for pet photo shoots? Are people that ridiculous?

It's the perfect season for senior portraits, so be sure to schedule yours today! Shoot K an email at or call (913) 205-1409 to book. We have totally special pricing going on right now, don't miss out!
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