Monday, December 10, 2012

The Real Reasons I Work Out

Have you known me for more than 15 years? If so, you will have known me as a size 12, size 2, and everything in between. I think of myself as open and secure about it, but still don't want to post pictures of me at my heaviest. Hm.

In the most recent four years I've vacillated between a size 4 and 6 and have learned to maintain a healthier weight for my body. For my athletic-shaped frame, the main key to weight stability is regular exercise.

I'd love to claim that I am motivated by supporting my mental health, preserving my reproductive organs, seeing my great-great-grandchildren, and looking awesome at reunions, but when I can choose between an hour of my favorite show or an Insanity session, it's not enough to get me off the couch and into sneakers. Perhaps I am just not long-sighted enough.

But I am imaginative and challenge oriented, so I've found reasons and thought patterns that do motivate me.

1. Fight the bad guys.
We are Americans and live by assuming nothing bad will happen, but bad stuff does happen. Whether is a street mugging or an answer-the-wrong-phone-call-and-get-wrapped-into-an-international-spy situation, I want to be able to out-muscle or out-run 90% of the world's population (I'm excluding professional athletes, green berets, and 007s here, naturally). It's simple survival and preparedness. Let's go, crazy world, I'll be ready for you.

2. Survive an isolation scenario or natural disaster.
Does every individual think that they would be in the small percentage that survives a zombie attack or first pilgrim winter in the new world? That's ridiculous. The smartest and fittest are far more likely to survive in these or other more realistic frights. I want to be in that small group of survivors and to help people be there with me.

3. Be ready for discovery.
Is that right person watching? Will I catch someone's eye across the road? Will they come up to me and say, "I'm making a movie, and I want you to be in it"? Probably not, but if it does happen, I want to be ready. I want to be able to say, "Of course, I can even do my own stunts!" The most interesting things happen to me on accident, and I never want my body to be a reason it doesn't happen or can't participate when it does.

Fundamentally all of these are about having a knowledgeable confidence in my physical abilities and setting myself apart from helplessness. THAT is what motivates me enough to stay active.

I hope every one can find those things that keep them going. Be healthy...maybe use your imagination!
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