Thursday, September 29, 2011

How does your garden grow? Part 2

We are garden novices. We experimented through our first little backyard garden this year. Though we had mixed results, an experiment always yields new wisdom, yes?! Yes!

This is our garden from May that you can read about here :

And this is our garden in late July :

This is a list of what we learned, for our reference next year. It is clearly a list by and for the inexperienced gardener!
  1. Zucchinis need WAY more than 2'x2' growing space. 
  2. Become a weather watcher (at least a notice-er). Sometimes we need to water the garden, sometimes we don't, but it all really depends on the last three days' weather.
  3. Home grown garden tomatoes are about 350% better than grocery store tomatoes. 
  4. Don't plant bush green beans; plant the climbing beans.
  5. When we don't have twine or string, extra teal ribbon actually works really well to tie tomato branches to their steaks...which brings me to :
  6. During the month of prime growing time, tie up the tomato plants every other day (they will be growing so quickly and can't support themselves). Also, get big steaks...downed twigs won't work after a while.
  7. Mortgage Lifter breed heirloom tomatoes are the winners!
  8. Sometimes a red pepper plant will only produce one red pepper.
  9. Plant earlier : early to middle of May.
  10. Our entrenched plastic chicken-wire fence worked really well to keep out bunnies and squirrels.
  11. Don't buy a veggie plant from the store that looks likely IS sickly and may not produce a single zucchini all summer.
  12. Pick tomatoes a few days before you think they are perfectly ripe (the bugs or rot could get them if you don't).
Well, that is our newly gleaned garden wisdom! I loved tending the garden this year, even if we were rather un-officious and elementary about it. More than that, I loved eating the produce...the freshness, flavor intensity, and colors were shockingly superior to grocery produce.

Until next year garden, until next year.


  1. yes pepper plants are tricky! our first year we learned to give them more room...our second year we learned to give them more sun...and this year we have an abundance of peppers. they have their own spacious area and the tomato plants are not overshadowing their sun. we clumped our pepper plants together this year in one area of the garden and did the tomatoes in an area behind our strawberries (our strawberries are early-june berries so by the time the tomatoes grow the strawberries are done producing and dont need the sun anymore). anyways those are some tips we learned! good job on your garden this year...the first year is the hardest! :)

  2. Kelley! Thank you for tips! Our garden got "partial" sun this year thanks to some quick-growing tree branches. In our expansion planned for next year, we'll cut them back and move everything into the sun. I'd love to see more peppers per plant! :) I'm sure you have a lovely garden, and once ours is plentiful, I'm going to can...just like you! :)


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