Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How Does your Garden Grow?

Right now? Who knows!

We are joining the ranks of gardeners!

This is the little 5'x7' plot that Husband cut into our backyard with a shovel and hoe. (That's my creepy work-gloved wave in the corner. Hellew!)

Because Ohio had the wettest May ever recorded, the clay (our yard doesn't deserve the name designation of "soil" or "dirt"), was damp and fairly easy to work with when we blended in a little topsoil and compost/manure mix.

We figure at least something in there has to work, and for our first time out, that's enough for us.

We found out quickly that the we'd be competing with the bunnies for our food.
We almost lost the zucchini plant after 2 days due to extreme bunny damage; probably it was this little guy.

We named him David Mowie, at the suggestion of my sister, because he tried to hide in the lawn mower...silly little bun.

We went to Lowes for some chicken wire, but all the options had this warning printed on them: "In California, materials in this product are known to produce birth defects and other illnesses."

First off, why California only? Surely our DNA is similar enough to have the same effects? Also, we want to put this in our garden where we are growing food! It made us just put-off enough to buy the plastic fencing option instead. All grand, but the soft plastic presented some construction difficulties.

While husband mowed and pruned, I dug a perimeter trench to bury the plastic fence about 2-3 inches down. Thankfully the ground was still fairly soft, but my hands were sore and covered in dirt before the end. Husband came to the rescue with the staple gun, which worked much better than my short twisty ties, to attach the fencing to the posts.
The total fence cost only about $15 and 1 hour.

Here is our sweet little garden. Grow, little garden, grow.


  1. Think about reading Square Foot Gardening for beginning backyard gardening :) It is what I teach and always talk to newer gardeners about. :) :)

  2. Bryn thanks!!! I'll take a tip from an expert any day! :)


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