Tuesday, June 7, 2011

30Ds : Day 5

I'm running out of quick and easy dos. I knew I would fall into my old habits of easy or nothing....and it's only day 5!

I have been gathering some inspiration photos, so my attempts at mimicking some more elaborate dos will be around the corner. For today though...I must once again address my forehead.
Because my face is rather long, adding volume to the top of my head (in pouf style) only elongates my face further...I am pterodactyl-girl.

Today I tried an all-over pouf ponytail. Some teasing, some combing, some rubber banding, a few bobbies in the bottom back....
Pouf! (magically and literally)

What do you think? (I have a trick of raising my eyebrows to make my forehead look shorter...I don't even realize that I'm doing it anymore. I'll try not to do it in future photos so that we can all get an honest look....at pterodactyl-girl.)

Time investment : 4 minutes
Product/Money investment : Hair bands, skinny comb, bobbies. Approx. $0.10

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