Sunday, June 19, 2011

30Dos : Day 14

Day 14! Two weeks down!

Yesterday at H&M I was on the hunt for red shorts. Though I didn't find them, the clerk at the register was wearing a cute leaf headband which she informed me was still available in the store. So I picked one up! This feels like a big deal. Why? It is the first time I have made a spontaneous hair purchase because I thought I would like the way it in my own hair. AKA = is it possible I am getting to know my hair personality bit by bit? Maybe. 

 So everything is fine from the sides....but then there's the front...
AHAHA! My forehead again. Someone help me...I can NOT figure out how to get volume on top of my head and to work with  my forehead. What am I doing wrong? I teased and put the bun higher...surely someone in the world has solved this problem.

Time investment : 5 min
Product investment : Bobbies, hair band, headband, teasing brush, hair spray
Money investment : $5.00

Words of wisdom :
How much better to get wisdom than gold! To get understanding is to be chosen rather than silver. - Proverbs 16:16


  1. I would leave a side part and bring the front pieces down and then up in the back (maybe pin behind ears for stability). :) Love the series, and the blog!
    J Buesch

  2. Lisa-
    I love following your blog and I am glad to see you are doing well! I have never tried them... but you could look into "bumpits" The commercials are kinda silly, but I know some friends who bought them and like them. The smaller ones might give you the volume you want.
    I am glad I can follow your life via a blog- it is a perfect study-break.
    -Alexandra Wolfe

  3. Lisa-
    GIRL. Your forehead isn't big at all! :) I wouldn't worry about it! I've known you for years and never thought once about it except that you're beautiful! ;)

    Your hair project is really inspiring me! Tomorrow I'm for sure going to try something fun and new!

    Love of love from Roma,

  4. J thanks for the suggestion! I found out the other day that my stylist charges $20 for a bangs shape up!!! I'm thinking about trying to cut them myself...cause I agree, some bangs in front might help.

  5. Alex I'm so excited to have a comment from you! I hope you are doing well! You look gorgeous in your wedding photos. Thanks for the bumpits tip! Ha, I'm definitely going to try one.

  6. Lauren of Roma :), You are sweet to say so, but I come from a long line of tall-foreheaded women! If you come up with an exciting hairdo, I'd love to see a pic! I hope things are lovely in Rome! I still want to visit you guys eventually!


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