Friday, June 17, 2011

Sweet, Sweet Naper-Thrill

Last weekend, for a grand total of 36 hours, we were in Chicago's western of my first 2 years post college. An upcoming post will address the reason for our travels, but right now I want to talk about the sweets of Naperville. 

There is a candy store in downtown Naperville, Naper Nuts and Sweets. I go there whenever I am in town. I will let the pictures speak of it's charm. 

This store carries my favorite candy in the world : gummy fried eggs. 
Image from
I love them so much that we feasted on them during my goodbye-Chicago much that my friends charter them across the midwest for me in during their road much that I planned a trip to gather them in our limited time in Chicago last weekend.

BUT. Woe-be-gone. Tragedy.

The ONLY empty jar in the whole store. My eyes probably bulged and I wailed (i did), and the attendant became very apologetic. I gathered myself for his sake, and ordered a selection of other unique gummies. 

The day was kind to us still, and we stopped at another sweets store in Naperville : Sugar Monkey Cupcakes, and grabbed a maple-bacon cake and a cookies-and-cream cake. (Cookies-n-cream was the winner.) 

As we ate them, we sat by the Riverwalk and enjoyed the sun between our many appointments and occasions scheduled for our short stay. It was like squeezing in a surprise date. 

So though my gummy fried egg quest failed, I can not complain.

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