Friday, September 2, 2011

Something Uplifting for Friday

Hey everyone! This week has been simply a whirlwind! Business travel, Reds game, Bible study kick-off... it was a doozy. (Haha, doozy). I am greatly looking forward to a long, quite weekend with the grandparents. Maybe I can share some of grandma's traditional recipes when I return eh? No one cooks like grandmas.

Thought provoking question : when our generation of health-conscious, anti-processed, veggie-loving young adults becomes holiday-dinner-cooking grandmas, I wonder what we will serve. Hopefully it will be just as delicious, and exponentially better for family gorging.

ANYWAY. I have something uplifting for Friday.

Do you remember the small business featurette about Amy and her Rainbow Town Project? September is a big month for Rainbow Town. They launched their Art4School Campaign!

Every day in September, a painting made by one of the orphans will be posted on their Facebook page...think of it as a flash sale. Every dollar from the purchase funds the education of the Rainbow Town orphans.

Photos by Amy Elrod
I love that Rainbow Town gives the children the opportunity to create for and participate in funding their education. The bright colors and organic shapes are the perfect conversation piece for my office.
Check them out and see if there's anything you like!

The recap for this week is brief, but here goes :

Wild Strawberry mood board for Keeping It Colorful.

Whimsical lavender fields in France.

Cincinnati Reds baseball game.

Have an uplifting weekend!

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