Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shout Out to Small Businesses, Amended!

Oh my gosh! I left out a fascinating small business in my small business post here! Heellooo, Lis! Well, I suppose it's for the best, because now I can use a whole post to showcase nothing but....oh an i will. right now.

Let's talk about my girl Amy, a friend of many years who has some really inspiring projects in the works. The first of which is a photography business called Nuulaa.

For Nuulaa, Amy implements a holga camera to create unique images that convey the motion, emotion, and complexity of the subject matter. Beautiful, soulful images! (The word Nuulaa means "humanity" in a tribal language from Liberia.) She creates portraits, thematic landscapes, and wedding suppliments.

And logo by yours truely. Bonus!

Amy's other capital-AWESOME project is the documentary Rainbow Town.

With a team from the Shine Foundation, Amy traveled to civil war-trodden Liberia and an orphanage run by a faith-filled woman named Ma Feeta. There they gathered interviews, photos, and video to create Rainbow Town, the documentary. It is rousing! You can learn more about their efforts and showings on the website.

Look at these precious children! If you go this link, each of these Rainbow Town orphans has a little video clip to share. I spent an hour watching them once...particularly their smiles.
AND the children create art to raise support for their education (it only costs $2000 to go to complete college there!).
I am utterly obsessed. I'd like to extend the invitation for you to be obsessed too.

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