Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shout Out to Small Businesses

I just returned from a LONG, HARD tradeshow Orlando. Business trips are okay. I love to travel, but the work is hard. One thing I enjoy about trips by myself is the time I get to think. What did I think about this time? My awesome friends and their awesome small businesses. 

It's just what's happening these days. Small businesses. Here, there. Everywhere. The funniest part is, most of them fall into two categories...Photography, and Rings. As in jewelry rings. 

I'm terribly impressed with these ladies that for their talent, but also their efforts to use their talent in a small business. I'm so impressed, I think I'll give them each a little shout out, by category.


Danielle shares her work on her blog : my life as danielle

Some of Kirsten's work is going to be on our dinning room wall, to be posted soon..ish


Erin works in traditional letterpress format

So check out these awesome girls. They do great work.

I'm excited about small businesses because of something I've been dying to share for awhile...something I've been working on for months. However, well, it's still about 3 months away from a state of "announce-ability". But if you want to has to do with the theme of this post. Ah. I am bursting. 


  1. Awww very cool! Thanks for the shout Lisa! Congrats to you and Cj! How exciting. You are going to make the best mother!

  2. hahahah no! not pregers. I suppose that's a good guess because i was being so cryptic. Maybe some day, but not this time :)

  3. Are you making a small business to design papers/stationary/printables? I think you'd be fabulous at it -- hello all your wedding save the dates, paper, place markers,etc. love it!

  4. That's a good guess Em ;) We'll just have to wait an see!

  5. what about small business tags/business cards/ and advertisement....or small business web design? still guessing!

  6. Aww, thanks for featuring inky winke! You will have to come and print something sometime soon :)

  7. Girl I'd love to of course! I'd love to still grab lunch or coffee sometime too. Hope things are going well!

  8. Aww I just saw this, Lis, thanks so much!!!


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