Monday, March 28, 2011

The Difference a Day Can Make

I feel refreshed smiles feel natural; I look forward to tasks that need accomplishing; I'm relaxed and optimistic. It's almost as if...I just got back from vacation.

But NO. I haven't left Cinci.

Here is what has happened though. My sister K came into town for her spring break, so I took a staycation day. Last week I got to experience three of my favorite things in high doses : time off, exploring, and sisters. But I didn't travel more than 15 miles!
Lovely photo of the Purple People Bridge by Sister K
I admit to a history of skepticism toward "staycations". If I plan to take a day off, I'm going to travel! Make it worth every second. But turns out, as usual, I have much to learn. Apparently a staycation, done right, can be as rejuvenating, and potentially less stressful, as a travelling vacation. That is, if you really try to do it right.
No, this was not the coolest thing we saw. Duh. But look how small they are and how many windows they have to wash!
By "do it right" I mean;
  1. No email checking...working in any form is not an option.
  2. No cooking - not a single meal.
  3. Stay out for the whole going back home for naps, snacks, etc. You on a quest for an experience!
  4. Plan, but not to the minute and allow for flexibility.
  5. Go with someone who has the same outlook as you
K and I explored Cincinnati for 14 hours straight! Even though it was cold, cloudy, and accessible, it felt like a real day of vacay. 14 hours of fine dining, entertainment, and culture.
This is in the middle of a musical I was singing about Cincinnati; i was so inspired.
Anyway, if you've had doubts, like me, about staycations, I say give them a shot!
Has anyone else had a great staycation experience?


For any interested Cincinnatians, this is what was included in our staycation. I recommend...ALL of it. Well, except the movie depending on who you are :)
- Breakfast at Mammoth Cafe in Newport
- A stroll across the purple people bridge
- Education at the Freedom Center (best museum i've seen in a long time)
- Lunch at Senate in Over-the-Rhine (Gourmet hot dogs!)
- Grapefruit margaritas at Nada near Fountain Square
- Wine tasting at The Wine Merchant in Hyde Park. The people here were great!
- Boost of caffine at Awakenings on Hyde Park Square
- Carb filled dinner at Indigo, also on the square
- Appropriately chosen movie for time with a sister (Beasly!)


  1. So much fun! I'm on spring break right now and the weather is supposed to stay cloudy and kinda chilly all week. Boo. Zak and I want to have some time together that feels special, but have been through a million options and are at a standstill. Then, voila! I read about staycations :). You make it sound like loads of fun.. we'll have to discuss this new possibility ;) (By the way, my profile comes up as baby stegman.. I need to figure that out... but I guess it's still a valid post cause he'll be along for the ride as well!)

  2. Woah! For a moment I thought I was getting a very eloquent message from the womb ;) Can't wait to meet that Baby Stegman!
    You and Zak could pull off an awesome staycation! Another REALLY cool museum worth going to in Cinci the American Sign Museum...a huge collection of those light up signs for the roadside. It's in my top 5, no 4, places in Cinci.


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