Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hubs Makes the News

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Art classes Are Awesome!

The Cincinnati Enquirer featured the Wyoming neighborhood in their "Your Enquirer Neighborhood" section, and they did a lovely page on two classes that Husband teaches : Drawing and Painting and AP Drawing and Painting.

These are all his students. Can you see him?

There he is! Ha.

In today's world of struggling district budgets, it seems art classes are some of the first for the chopping block. But look at the concentration on those students' faces! Husband once told me that a reason he loves teaching art is that "the students work so hard to accomplish a goal that they look forward to owning and using. They have to have patience and practice, but they go for it because they are excited about the final product."

Now, even if those students aren't going into art*, what a wonderful process for them to experience and develop!

*(A TON of people make their living with art skills - myself and my husband included...please don't take art out of high schools!)

Images courtesy of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

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