Monday, August 29, 2011

Crayola® Color Guide : Wild Strawberry

Good morning and happy Monday! Want to add a little trend to your life? Since the Pantone® Color of the Year is Honeysuckle, I thought it would be appropriate for the next Crayola® inspiration should be close. Wild Strawberry!

Wild Strawberry is a color that can be overwhelming and over-youthful rather quickly, so I prefer it used in classic or mature accents. It's a great way to add an unexpected punch of energy. Wild Strawberry? PUNCH! Maybe with some of the following stuff :

1. Utility can add color too! Extension cord by Coleman.
2. Beautiful Pushkar Jaipuri rug from Calypso St. Barth : $650
3. Peonies! These are from Brighboldbeautiful
4. I love chopping anyway, but this is even better! Pure Komachi 2 : $12.50
5. Wild Strawberry tapers are the perfect way use the color! 12" tapers here on ebay : $13.99 for 12
6. Classy, tasty macaroons. Marie Antoinette Tea Macaroons from Paris Miniatures
7. Another great accent piece : Nisse folding chair by IKEA : $18.99
8. This is exactly what I was talking about. Unexpected, punchy color in a classic setting : Raleigh Home Fashions

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