Thursday, August 18, 2011

Clam Bake 2011

If feels like just yesterday that I was rejoicing in finally wearing flops and anxiously awaiting the pool's opening. But sadly, the end of the summer approaches. It's always a tough time for me, but there are other things to our 2nd Annual Clam Bake!

Want to check it out?

I designed the invites and got them printed at my favorite discount printer

We set up a "photo booth" consisting of a backdrop and a digital camera on a tripod. Here are some of the results :
Because of the gorgeous weather, everyone stayed in the backyard and new three-season room (post coming soon.) We split a HUGE bundle of wildflowers from the local market  between all the rooms and tables, and we had been saving anything glass for weeks. With newspaper "table cloths", the decor was relatively cheap!

Our menu this year for 35 people was :

Seafood Cakes with Mustard Crema
Low-Country Boil with Clams, Shrimp, Corn, and Red Potatoes
Seared Scallops with Roasted Tomatoes
Rainbow Fruit Kebabs
Orzo salad with Asparagus
Cheddar Buiscuts
Watermelon Belinis
Sangria Shooters
Hilarity and Jokes

This was such a fun way to prepare to say goodbye summer!


  1. I ALWAYS have wanted to be your neighbor. why oh why can't we live in the same place. awesome post like these make me miss you times 1000. you are the queen of party hosting. i cant even wait to see what you do with first birthdays and baby showers and all things kid. (i mean when that time comes and all)

  2. Aw Kel! Thanks for the sweet comment. We would have SO MUCH FUN if we lived in the same city!! And I could finally play with Jack. This party was not just me though- total combined effort! You guys are invited next year :)

  3. Never mind the fact that I look like the Washington monument in that one picture. This was an amazing party! You ladies know how to love on people. We were so happy to be included and enjoy the amazing company - the food was great and the set-up was beautiful, but the people are what made this shin-dig top notch. Thanks again you guys!

  4. Joe you look very stately in that photo! :) Ha - so you noticed I had to give you your own little cut-out space. We were so glad that you and the fam could make it. I concur -- awesome people make an awesome good time!


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