Monday, August 22, 2011

Grey Hair and Cataracts...Your Grandma? No, it's me.

I won't call myself old (until I am 80 and then I'll be like, what's up world I'm old, and awesome!), but "getting older" is definitely fair. Oh yes. I have a story for you...

While sitting in church, I suddenly noticed this Haitian nugget picking through my hair like a monkey.

He was quite focused actually. Soon he found what he was looking for, and I experienced a slight pang as he pulled a single hair from my head. He kindly handed it to me and got right back to it. Four or five hairs later, I finally observed what he was hunting. Grey hairs. Coarse grey hairs that didn't match the others. The little man was purging me of my grey hairs one by one!

Now, I knew that I had one or two grey hairs, but to have that many, on a single side of my head, so visible that a five year old noticed them...well.

Only one week later, I went to the eye doctor for the first time in 3 years. (By the way, did you know that your eye prescription expires?) And the man tells me that I have a CATARACT in my left eye lens! Wholly-what?!

It's not affecting me yet, so I don't have to have anything done about it. But the word cataract is...well.

At least I got some new Converse glasses to wear around.
I suppose is important to me to age happily. As long as each year is maximized in most categories, I have no room to complain about my body doing it's natural thing. Maybe easier said then done in 10 years or so...we shall see.

Young at heart! Young at heart! On to adventures! Especially now that I will be able to see them clearly.

I am curious though - who knows another 27 year old with cataracts?


  1. Lady friend, I have grey hairs like they are going out of style. My Mom at one point sorta laughed at me and I had to ask her not too that it actually hurts my feelings!
    Now the cataracts. Well, you are just old ;-)


  2. Girl I guess it is just that time! At least we can all get old together ;)


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