Monday, August 15, 2011

Sliced Fruits

There are a couple of bigger posts in the works, so for today I'll just leave you with some pictures of things that I ate that are round and sliced in half. That works, right? You know, just finding themes and excitement in the small things.

This was a surprise treat at a local-fare breakfast restaurant right up the street from my office. Boiled Grapefruit with Caramelized Ginger Sugar. The boiling takes away the bite of the grapefruit, and the ginger sugar adds uniqueness. Mmm. You should visit the Half Day Cafe in Wyoming, OH.

Our garden is regularly gifting us with tomatoes now! Every day I get about 5 delicious grape tomatoes, and every few days we get one of these gorgeous, meaty Mortgage Lifter breed heirloom tomatoes.

I don't normally like tomatoes, but I can eat these like a apples. (As long as I have a bib on too.)

Have your gardens been providing you with anything in this heat? Our beans and zucchinis haven't done their magic yet.

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