Friday, August 12, 2011

Something Fascinating for Friday

I'm not sure...but I think that I would wear one of these to the right occasion. Can you sit in them though? Do they make that awful squeaking rubber noise when you move?

These creative fashions are by Japanese artist Rie Hosokai, or Daisey Balloon.

I've seen a lot of blogs do a weekly recap on their Friday posts, and I love it!

That way, if I sign on during on the weekend, I can easily navigate what I missed during the week. So for you sweet friends, I'll try to do the same.

Check out Jen's Modern Tea Party.

Delicious Golden Watermelon from my local farmer's market.

A new(/accidental) recipe for Three Ingredient Dark Chocolate Truffles.

One of my floor pillows on a Hayneed Back-to-School feature.

Every body have a fascinating weekend!

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