Friday, August 26, 2011

Something Refreshing for Friday

Hello Friday! It's been a REALLY busy week at my job, my freelance projects are piling up, and Husband started school again. I need something refreshing to kick start my energy for a great weekend...and these infused waters would do the trick perfectly.

These recipes and photos come from an awesome blog...A Beautiful Mess. Be sure to check it out!

She is so clever to serve them in mason jars; I love the simplistic vibe!

And here is the recap from this week :

Turns out I have cataracts...and new glasses.

Margarita Pizza recipe straight from your garden.

Husband's first day of school photo.

I dream of walking among the giant sequoias.

We introduced our new project: Keeping It Colorful! Yippee!

Keeping it Colorful : Yellow Orange mood board.

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