Friday, August 19, 2011

Something Delightful for Friday

Are there any adult Disney fans out there? I admit to being a selective one.

Tangled just came out on Netflix. It manages to have a lighthearted, Shrek-esque perspective on being an animated movie, but contains more of the charm and whimsy of great Disney movies. Delightful.

See for yourself! This clip has a song, personified animals, female empowerment, and it's precious! Don't you feel excited for life after this?

And this is my favorite line from the movie (during the horse fight). I think Zachary Levi did a great job as Flynn.

Here's the recap of the week:

Boiled Grapefruit from Half Day Cafe.

Blue Lagoon Clinic in Grindavik, Iceland

Clam Bake 2011 party!

Have a delightful weekend!

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