Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Crayola® Color Guide : Sea Green

This is a very soothing color. It's a color that seems old fashioned but refreshing at the same time. Freshly traditional, if you will. This color guide is based on Crayola®'s Sea Green. 

  1. Simply Stated Card form anthropologie
  2. Bauble Necklace by Oliphant
  3. Succulents from mooseycountrygarden.com
  4. Prosecco Votive Holder from anthropologie
  5. Leather Ruched Purse from topshop.com
  6. Growing Up Hanging Planter
  7. Frosted Mint Brownies from thechocolateswirl.com
  8. Awesome chest from an unsourced image on Pinterest...anywhere know where this is from?

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