Monday, October 3, 2011

Digital Portflio Launch

Oh happy day after a long night! (What is it about design? I always do my most efficient work when the world is sleeping.)

I have finally launched my design portfolio online. Hip Hip Hooray! If a girl is going to do some freelance, she's got to be accessible! This is the first big step of many toward a more active freelance career. Again I say, Hip Hip Hooray!

Please check it out and give me feedback... Let's consider this the Alpha version, as I'm sure there are updates and adjustments to make. I still plan to ad a bio/about image.
Index Page

Product Design Album

After some contemplation, I chose to use a product called Viewbook instead of building my site from scratch. Reasons included :
  1. Viewbook reduced the time I needed to complete the project from two weeks+ to one weekend. Viewbook allowed me to select, resize, and organize my portfolio within their platform, instead of building my own coding. 
  2. Viewbook has a simple, clean format that dynamically showcases images.
  3. The interface is very easy to learn and use. 
  4. Viewbook offers three levels of product with advancing features and flexibility. My website is under the most basic of plans for now. The options for layout, font, colors, etc. are quite limited, but the price is good, and the option to upgrade remains. 
  5. The viewer is Flash based, so the images are harder to copy.
There are so many online tools, all with different strengths and advantages. This article from has a great list of online portfolio tools that guided me in my selection.

Thanks to everyone who has encouraged me to move forward with all of this!

Like I said above, feedback is welcome!

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