Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Little Ones

Task : Pick one single word to describe our Haiti trip. Answer : Orphans.

In one square mile around the guest house where we stayed, there are 150 orphans living. I don't know if that is typical for a square mile in Haiti, but it implies a massive orphan population.

I wish you could feel their sweaty, cushy cheeks as they lean in for kisses.  I wish you could hear 30 small orphans singing a Kreyol welcome song, shouting Good Morning in broken English, and rushing to you in a wave for no other reason then to hold your hand, receive a hug, to play. I wish you could see them beaming and laughing in the 105 degree heat, in a concrete room, in unwashed clothing.

Oh they are so precious. Little souls with no family to protect them or hug them. Many of them struggled to survive alone in the street before being found by a willing Momi(House Mother) or Pastor.

We had the privilege of meeting 30 orphans in Gonaives, Haiti between the ages of 4 and 12. They are scraping by. They maybe eat one meal a day, sleep on the roof of a concrete house with no railing, and can't go to school, but they still take their shoes off before going inside. They still sling their arms around each other while listening to a Bible story. They still wait in line for food and listen to their Papi.

I'm writing a newsletter report of our trip that will tell the whole story of the discovery of these struggling orphans among other parts of our trip. If you want to receive it, shoot me an email at makinghomehomemade@gmail.com. 

We're going to try to do something for them. It is so so so tangible and attainable. Stay tuned for more. Of course, no pressure at all, but if you think you might want to help, please let me know...it's going to be all kinds of fun and meaningful!

You can see some scenery pics of Haiti here!


  1. Amazing people there. My compassion child is from there. I've always wanted to visit and be elbow deep in their culture. Send me the newsletter please :) kdailysips@gmail.com and let me know if I can blog link anything for you in regards to this endeavor.

  2. Kel that would be fabulous, and I appreciate it a ton! I'll keep you posted!


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