Monday, July 11, 2011

Statement Melamine?

What do you think of when I say "melamine"? 

I think of inexpensive, candy-colored utility ware. You know, worthy of picnics and children, but hardly the serveware of stylish parties and mature gatherings.

But recently my suppositions were shattered when I purchased some melamine serving trays and bowls from Target. It was one of those times. I was just walking down a main isle when large amounts of the perfect blue color rewound my last steps :

Ikat, floral, and geometric melamine options from Target

As it turns out, there are many amazingly styled melamine options out there. 

Thomas Paul Collection (available at many online retailers)

The Middletons Plate Set by Marco Ciabola

Mimosa Melamine Plates from Z Gallerie - on sale right now!
Bicycle Plate by Little Korboose

Did you know that melamine is a thermal-setting chemical compound that has fire-retardant properties? Beyond dishes, it is used in Formica, dry-erase boards, glues, and fabrics.

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  1. I saw those at target too! So cute :) Too bad I can't convince W of my need for them. PS.I blogged about your 30daysdo today. I'm thinking of joining you for just the weekends...spice up my mundane :)


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