Friday, July 15, 2011

30Dos : Day 30!

IT. IS. DAY. 30!!!!!!

I thought about many things for a finale...a hair cut. a dye. bleached tips. After all though, this has been an experiment for doing what you can with what you have. Therefore, I leave you with my final, standard-hair, hair do:

My friends, I have a lot to tell you about this whole experiment. For now though, I will stick to standard post format, and you will have to wait to hear me pontificate! :)

I literally teased my whole head, right down to neck. I made a messy bun out of the middle third chunk of my hair horizontally (yes really). Then I pined back the top in sections, but held back a few small chunks for braids.  The bottom section I wound upward and pinned underneath the pony tail. The great thing about this can be messy and still work! 

Time investment : 12min.
Product investment : Hair band, bobbies, teasing brush
Money investment : $0.15

Words of ... mine :)
Hmmm. After all of this, I would say : Try to ENJOY taking care of yourself. Your body, mind, and spirit are all bound up and can sometimes affect each other.

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