Thursday, July 28, 2011

30 Days : Check!

Have you every looked at 30 pictures of your head all at once? Neither had I...

BOOM! 30 Lisa Heads!

Not gonna lie, it's a little creepy.

But this is the result of my 30 Days : 30 Dos experiment...which I loved! I feel more confident in working with my hair, and I have a repertoire of styles under my belt for multiple occasions. Do you have any favorites? Any "lisa-don't-do-that-again"s?

You can find links to the individual hair styles here.

Here are some links to ladies who have either tried one of the dos, or who are doing a hair experiment of their own! Check them out!

Kristen at :
Kelley at :


  1. Love the 30 Lisa heads! I'm still debating how many to do myself. I feel like I'm already out of ideas...I tried the one you told me too and it was a total flop, I think my hair still has too many layers in it. I am going to go through the rest of yours though and see if there are some I can try out.

  2. Will there be 30 days of CJ as well?

  3. ha! Each day he can go shorter and 30, SHAVED.


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