Monday, May 30, 2011

Mufasa says, "Remember who you are... are... are"

I'm going to be a little vulnerable with you today. Maybe I'm odd, but I like cemeteries. (An no, it's not because I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who frequently hung out in cemeteries.)

I can't exactly put my finger on it. All of these people lived their lives, fought their own battles, changed the world a little, and left us. Now we live, fight our battles, change the world a little, and then we will leave others to live, fight, and change. Maybe it puts me in my place a little - my time becomes short but part of a big, great story.

Last year on Memorial Day, my family and I visited a lonely old pioneer cemetery in the middle of the burbs.
We were the only ones there until a man stopped in a pick-up truck and pined a large Memorial ribbon on the fence. He simply explained, "I drove by and noticed there were no ribbons," and he went on his way. This man didn't seem very educated or well kept, but he went out of his way to buy a ribbon acknowledging the people in that cemetery. He was not forgetting or taking for granted what had been done. It may be the most patriotic thing I've personally witnessed.

This morning I went back to that cemetery and put flags by two graves of American Revolution soldiers. I get such I kick out of standing at the grave of someone who fought to free our country!!!

The graves of the two American Revolution soldiers read as :

In Memory of Nicholas Johnson
a native of Dumfries, Scotland
who departed this life
December 24th, 1821
Age 57 years and 11 months.
Nicholas Johnson was around 13 when the war began, and was a first generation immigrant.
In Memory of Francis Nichols
a native of New Hampshire
who departed this life
September 30th, 1808
Age 43 years, 3 months & 13 days
Francis Nichols was also around 12 when the war first began, and 20 when it ended; a boy soldier.

Here are some more pics of the awesome-cemetery-of-history :

(forgive the filters, I'm experimenting )

So happy Memorial Day! I'm going to count my blessings and remember that I'm a part of a loooong, interesting history.

For anyone I have creeped out by my cemetery talk, I'll end this post with some colorful flower pictures from our projects this weekend.

Happy! Bright! Colorful!

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