Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fondant Fleurs

My teaching semester is over...and that means that my source of required creativity has ceased for the summer. Without a regular outlet, my creative juices start to over take my down time. (Has anyone actually proved the existence of 'creative juices'? I have the outcome...what exactly is the cause?)

I'm in a wedding this summer for a dear friend. One of my jobs for her bridal shower waaaas....CAKE GIRL! With creative juices bubbling, I decided to experiment with fondant for the first time.

Step One : Fold and shape fondant base for three sizes of flowers

Step 2 : Paint dried flowers with gel food coloring. Add sugar accents.

Step 3 : Bake cupcakes and frost with fudge frosting

Step 4 : Place flowers onto cupcakes and arrange!

I did enjoy making these flowers, and honestly I will do it again. However, if you want to attempt something similar, know that it takes about 3 hours spread over a couple of days. Consider your self prepared for a time investment and fun.

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