Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Art Rhymes with ....

I hope you finished that sentence with "heart" or "smart" or "flow chart". Mostly I just wanted to get your attention. Fair? Maybe not.

In high school, I had two teachers that impacted my choices in ways that deserve great thanks. Their influences guided me to make an informed decision to confidently enter a field of study in which I am still working today. They helped an overwhelmed, inexperienced high school girl find a way through mixed messages and mixed motivations to a good decision and healthy perspective.

Okay, why the heck write this? For one, to say thanks to those two teachers, but also to express my support of teachers on Teacher Appreciation Day, 2011! (Today!)

Teachers have direct contact daily with the lives of students. If students are valuable, then teachers are valuable.

So support your teachers! Encourage them! As a friend to many teachers and a wife to one teacher, I know any expression of support is so valuable.

Here is a limerick I wrote for the teachers today, much love to you all :)

Teachers work hard to convey,
Truths beyond what the textbooks can say.

On this day, May 3rd,

Let praises be heard
For the work that they do every day.

Pretend I made something like this for you :

Awesome Cake Image from : coolest-birthday-cakes.com

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  1. Thanks so much for the sweet post AND limerick! I really enjoyed eating the cake in my pretend world.


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