Monday, May 9, 2011

Fresh Kale Salad with Tangy Lemon Dressing

Ha. Originally I titled this post "Kale Salad with Lemon-Mustard Dressing." These names are maybe descriptive, but not creative or enticing. Hm. Update! That's much better yes?

Monday has become Vegan Monday. So typically, Monday for dinner, it is time to get creative. Here's what we made tonight :

Fresh Kale Salad
1 Bunch Red Kale
1 Medium Green Bell Pepper
1 Cup Shredded Carrots
1/2 Cup Walnut Pieces
1/2 Lemon's Lemon Zest

1. Remove Kale leaves from stalks. Break into bite sized sections. Wash, and dry.
2. Toss remaining ingredients with Kale and dressing of your choice.

Tangy Lemon Dressing
1 Medium Lemon's Juice
1/2 Lemon's Zest
1 Tbs. Olive Oil
1 tsp. brown mustard
1 Dash Salt
1 tsp. sugar
4-5 Leaves fresh cilantro
3-4 Leaves fresh basil

1. Smash and mince the fresh herbs.
2. Combine all ingredients and mix thoroughly with a whisk.

The lemon makes is fresh, the Kale makes is hearty. Mmm. The best part of this combo is the acidity of the lemon on the sweetness of the green pepper.



  1. That sounds so yummy! I will be trying it out soon.

  2. Kelley! Hello dear! Jack is adorable BTW. Let me know how the salad turns out!


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