Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The UpCycled Pillow

I'm am so excited to introduce The UpCycled Pillow!

The UpCycled Pillow is a side project of mine, born out of my distress as I watched beautiful designer fabric scraps be discarded at my manufacturing job. Small pieces of expensive, high-end fabrics are deemed unusable once they no longer fit any of the product patterns and are trashed. Strike the distress!

I have set out to find a use and home for these remnants. I am creating decorative pillow cases and selling them via Etsy. Because I get the fabric for extremely low cost compared to their designer retails, I can pass the savings on to the buyer.

Brand name fabrics, less waste, inexpensive. win. Win. and WIN.

I will be loading new pillow cases every day or so through the holidays and will post each addition to the new Facebook page. Like it to keep track of what goes live for sale. Remember each pillow is one of a kind!

PS. I'll be having my first every giveaway next week. Can't wait!

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