Monday, November 7, 2011

DIY : Rustic Twig Wreath

Inspired by this post from The Painted Hive, I created a wreath for our front door!! It's kind of a big deal people...this is the first effort I've ever put forth on decorating the exterior of our house.

I love its rustic, natural style. The twigs came from our backyard fire kindling pile, so there's a nice homey touch too!

The supplies are simple : twigs, hot glue, twine, and some sort of round base. Even a cut out cardboard doughnut would suffice. I sliced mine in half to create a flat face. Also, now I can make another wreath some day!

Using the hot glue, wrap the base with twine. The twine hides the base, but also gives the hot glue a strong texture on which to cling

Arrange the sticks around the base. Use diverse lengths. After you are satisfied with the arrangement, glue all the sticks down! I went back around and added really short twigs on top of the first layer to build some depth.

The best part? It is supposed to look messy and natural! Imperfections welcome!


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