Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Easy Backyard Compost

My backyard in the fall! 

We've been meaning to start a compost pile for quite a while. After researching, it's actually easier than I expected. The first layer is dried leaves, so autumn is actually a great time to start composting. Here are the steps to our simple compost pile. 

I cleared out this tall plastic bin (24" tall or more) from the basement. It's important that the lid seal completely. 

Flip the the bin over and drill 8-10 holes into the bottom. 

Fill the bottom with dried leaves (this time wonderfully raked up by Husband). Fill it about 1/3 full. The leaves will compress when you load the next layers. 

Shovel in dirt until the bin is approximately 1/2 full. 

Mist the dirt until damp but not wet. Too much water can cause that horrible compost smell. Replace the lid and drill another 8-10 holes into the top. Place in a shady place. Throw in biodegradable table scraps and stir slightly each time. This is a list of things to never compost, including bread, dairy, and meat products.

It's done! So simple! The garden will love us next spring. 


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