Friday, November 4, 2011

Something Empowering for Friday

FRRRIIIIIIIDAAAAAAAY! Hello Friday! Hello impending weekend! I rejoice because I can finally speak and feel up for some actual activity! (I have been wicked sick.) It is fall, and we have a wide open weekend.

Yahoo Vitality (yes, the section of dedicated to experienced live-ers {over 40}) publishes a great series of short videos showcasing people that have found their passion. I spent a solid hour watching these videos, called Second Act. They really inspired me! Some of my favorites are below, but they have over 30 videos, each showcasing a different kind of accomplishment.

Rutger Family

Nathan Sawaya

Donald Arthur

If you are looking for a character and motivation boost, check these out.

This weeks recap :

DIY Katy Perry Costume for Halloween this year.

Awesome guest post from Daily-Sips about smart coupon shopping!

Everyone have an empowering weekend!


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