Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tweeting in Cincinnati

Did 28-year-olds miss the Twitter boat by a few years? Very few of my friends are on Twitter, but my (younger) sisters and their friends are. Is it regional? Everyone in LA tweets. It appears that my geographic contemporaries don't really care about tweeting. However.

Now I'm on Twitter, and I rejoice. My account with host updates for L-Hop Designs, The Up-Cycled Pillow, MHHM, and other goofy things. #getstoked

Haha, just practicing.


Just for the sake visual interest in this post, check my pink tips from my birthday night. I used Kevin Murphey's Color Bug (it's like washable chair chalk).


  1. I think it may be regional. I'm 30, and most people I know are on it. Of course, I also work in media, and that's probably a factor.

    1. You're probably right; I bet media folks are savvy that way! Hopefully I can bring a few more Cincinnatians on board. What are you doing these days Carla?


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