Monday, January 9, 2012

A Shout Out for My Shout Outs

Back in December I posted here about the new Hunger Games shirts I opened up to Etsy. Since then so many people have been awesome to feature the item on their blogs, so I just wanted to share the love and point you in their direction.

Thank you The Stir at CafeMom!
15 Ways to Wear 'Hunger Games' Fashions without Looking Crazy

Thank you! (This blog is great! It's my new source for YA literary updates.)
A FYA Christmas and Holiday Give Guide

Thank you! (This entry is me at least :)
Cute Team Peeta Shirt on Etsy

Thank you!
Gift Guide to the Hunger Games

My friend Sara made me her featured designer this week! I feel so honored! Be sure to check out her sweet family blog, Our Bloomin' Lives:
Featured Designer

Again, thanks to everyone!

I just want to throw out there how much literary fun the Hunger Games has implanted in my life. Instead of my girlfriends and I discussing literature (which is awesome), now our man friends are in on the action too (including Husband! I found him like this the other day.).


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