Monday, January 16, 2012

28 in 2012

Happy Birthday Martin Luther King, Jr.! As I'm about to go into ramblings about something more personal, I don't want to forgo today's national celebration. I really think MLKJ was one of the greatest American heroes.

No, it's not because his national holiday often falls on my own birthday. 

Today I am 28! I love my January birthday because I can almost exclusively associate each year of my life with an entire calendar year. I will 28 for all but 15 days of 2012. It segments my life into nice, yearly chunks.

Last year my birthday was a little difficult to swallow; something seemed intimidating about 27...At 27 I was leaving my middle 20s. Young adult really didn't apply anymore. HOWEVER, I am all about it for 28! Maturity no longer sounds boring, but more like a tool for the way I actually want to live.

Suck on that for a while (mature people can still say stuff like that, right? :)

Here are my goals for 2012/my time being 28 years old:
  • Be a woman, not a girl.
  • Raise and give money to the Tree of Giving Orphanage we discovered in Haiti on our last trip. (More to come on this later).
  • Be in shape enough to outrun or fight off any sort of bad guy (more to come on this one too.)
  • Expand my freelancing business. (Again more to come. Wholly goodness you are getting a lot of teasers today.)
  • Use the Bible to form my perspectives and priorities.
  • Handle these goals appropriately. 

Happy 2012 everyone, a little belated, but in my backwards head, this year is just beginning!

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