Friday, January 13, 2012

Something Happy for Friday | My New Desktop

I am so pleased to be back and rolling with the blog. Finally a week with more than zero posts. :)

Today, let me introduce you to the work of Jing Wei. Jing Wei is a new addition to my favorite illustrators list. This image is actually even my new desktop. I can't help but feel happy and giggly with it. It's the perfect vision of summer to get through the current state of winter drabness. See more of Jing Wei's work.

The week's recap :
  1. I've been eating biscotti all week thanks to this experiment.
  2. Thanks to all the people and blogs that have shared my projects this month.
  3. Oopse! I finally posted the winner of The Up-Cycled Pillow Giveaway!

Have a happy weekend!

Oh, and here are a few more awesome pieces from Jing Wei :


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