Friday, December 2, 2011

Something Musical for Friday

Do you know Andy Grammer? He is the most recent addition to my list of favorite musicians. His songs are upbeat, positive, wholesome. I can't help but he really like that? In the case of Andy Grammer, does art reflect life?

Help me find out!

During our Friends' Thanksgiving Dinner of 2011, our friends danced and lip-synced the night away to Andy's song "Fine By Me" as a part of a contest to win a Christmas day serenade from the man himself.

First we need the points. Every view is worth two points, and everyone that attends this Facebook event is 5 points. Help us along the way!

More importantly, this video just feels like a celebration of the hilarious, fun-loving, spontaneous people we are privileged to know. Husband and I are so thankful for each person in the video and how much each enhances and blesses our life here.

I am so glad we have video record (/evidence) of these happy shenanigans. 

Here's the week's wrap up...a fairly active week for this blog I'd say!

Rich and Delish Peanut Butter and Grahams Chocolate Candy-Cookies

The annual Gift Wrap Up of my favorite papers for this year. Which do you think I should use?

Pictures from Husband's family's farm over the holiday break.

Everyone have a musical weekend!

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